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The Indo Grenadian Heritage Foundation

Wilbur Adams
President of the Indo-Grenadian Heritage Foundation
Shri Malay Mishra
High Commissioner of India
to Grenada

The Indo Grenadian Heritage Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and the preserving East Indian culture and heritage in Grenada.

Registered in September 2008, the Foundation has since been actively working in collaboration with the Government of Grenada and the Indian High Commissioner to Trinidad, accredited to Grenada, His Excellency Malay Mishra, to help gain recognition for, and increase local awareness of, the contributions of East Indians in Grenada. The Foundation also seeks to forge better relations between Grenada and India; and offers a forum for information sharing about East Indians, their history, culture and traditions.

Mr Wilbur Adams (a fourth generation descendant of the families Ganpat, Pottou, and Jawahir) was elected President of the Indo-Grenadian Heritage Foundation and Ms Lauren Ramdhanny, Secretary. Other founding members include; Mrs. Beverley Steele, Dr. Jenny Isaacs, Mrs. Linda Japal, Mr. George Japal, Mrs. Verda Benjamin, Mr. Osbert Benjamin, and Mr. Michael Creft.

On May 1, 2007, the 150 the anniversary of the arrivals of the Indians to Grenada, marked the first year of celebration of the arrival of Indians to Grenada. Since then the Indo-Grenadian Heritage Foundation has organized annual celebrations to commemorate the historical arrival. As a result of its work to date, May 1st is officially recognised in Grenada. A request has been made by the Foundation to the Government for a Government Proclamation to be issued recognizing the day as Indian Arrivals Day.

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In 2010, the celebrations were marked by the erection of signs at Irwin's Bay, re-establishing the name of the Bay, and the renaming of the access road to the bay, Maidstone Road, in recognition of the arrival of the ship, The Maidstone, on May 1, 1857, at Irwin's Bay. A commemorative plaque, donated by La Qua Brothers was also unveiled at the celebrations. Plans are also underway for the establishing of a monument and the development of a Heritage Site development at this location.

This year the Foundation has organised not only celebrations for 1st May but activities and festivities for the whole month to commemorate Indian Arrivals.